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    When the printer is not properly associated with the computer, then there would be a high chance of getting Printer Offline error during printing document. Your printer will not print anything unless you Get A Printer Online back from offline mode. Due to lack of technical knowledge, you won’t be able to fix this issue and need to know the conversion methods of Printer Offline to Online. Search your ends here as you land on the right page. In this guide, we mention fruitful information so in a short span of time you can bring your printer Online and thereafter start printing with no hassle.

    Reasons Why HP Printer Is Offline

    There are numerous certain causes due to which HP Printer Is Offline. Some are listed underneath, take brief look on them:

    · Network Connectivity issue

    · When sometimes printer is powered down

    · The printer driver and software gets outdated

    · Loose cable connection

    · Printer is not set as default

    · Use Printer Offline option might be checked

    Different Methods To Get A Printer Online Back

    The HP Printer Is Offline issue is frequently asked by millions of printer users. You may wonder – why is my printer offline. In fact, many elements such as incorrect printer port configuration, the faulty printer driver can responsible for this problematic error. So, here are couples of quick-methods to get back your printer online from its offline mode. Start following the below-noted guidelines one-by-one:

    Method 1: Restart Your Computer And Printer Separately

    In some cases, simply restarting your computer and your printer in a correct way will fix the problem. So, it is advisable you to let your printer at least 2-3 minutes to finish booting. You also have to ensure that your printer is plugged-in your computer tightly and well-connected to the local network. Now, power-on your printer by pressing the “Power” button to start print-job. If your printer is yet saying ‘Offline’, then move to the next method.

    Method 2: Make Sure Your Printer Is Not In “Use Printer Offline” Mode

    Go through the following instructed lines to bring back of your printer online:

    · First click on “Start” button

    · Then, go to Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners

    · In the next step, you should know your printer name so you can find and select it

    · Once you select your printer, click on “Open queue” tab

    · Then, inside the Printer section, make sure “Use Printer Offline” is not selected. If it has checked-mark, click on the check-box to remove it from offline mode

    If the HP Printer Is Offline yet, jump to the next method.

    Method 3: Clear Queued Print Jobs

    Another possible reason your printer might be offline is because of queued print jobs. That’s why; it is highly recommended you to eliminate the print jobs stuck in the print queue. To do the same, select your printer and then click on “Cancel All Documents”. Doing this will clear the entire print jobs and hence restore your printer from offline to online. This can Get A Printer Online. If the printer is still in Offline mode, continue to the next method.

    Method 4: Reconnect USB Cable

    Most wired printers use USB cable for making direct connection to the device. In the event whereby your Printer Is Offline, checking the USB cable is must as damage cable or loose cable can be the one reason why your printer is offline. Therefore, make sure there is a proper connection of the cable. This can bring your printer from offline to online.

    Method 5: Reconnect Ethernet Cable

    Network printers are quite differ from regular printers. This is because they normally use Ethernet cables instead of USB. Also, such type of printers can be used by many users because they are straight connected to routers. In most cases, they are used in an office environment. Reconnecting the Ethernet cable to the router can Get A Printer Online. But in case, the same problem persists, go to the next method.

    Method 6: Change Ports And Cables

    The ports and cables you have taken to connect your printer might be fault or damaged. So, try using another fresh port on your PC or router. Although, a damaged cable (USB or Ethernet) is highly responsible for your printer being offline. So if you have tried reconnecting your cables and it didn’t solve the problem, then immediately change them. Once you acquire another cable, make sure it is properly well-connected to your computer or router. This course of action surely put your printer online.

    Method 7: Ensure Printer Is Connected To The Same Wi-Fi Network As Your PC

    This method is suggestible foe those who use a wireless printer. Make sure your printer and your computer are both turned on. Then, connect your printer to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer is connected to. You can search for which network your printer is associated to by simply checking its built-in menu. You can find out the current network status of a printer.

    Grab One-Stop Solution Support For HP Printer Is Offline Problem

    In the above, we have collected all possible fixing methods to Get A Printer Online back. If you are still unable to convert your Printer Offline to Online mode, then don’t worry! We, highly expert tech-geeks are available continuously at helpline number for you. So, place a single ring and stay in touch with us frequently. With our guidance, you can solve the problem in no time and thereafter will definitely able to print documents.

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